The Recycling Centre

Our recycling centre in Kehlen was established in 1994. All residents of our member communes can bring their recyclable fractions and hazardous substances to the recycling centre. You can also profit from the experience of our trained team to get information about waste disposal.

Important: Companies and other businesses need to notify their visit in advance (by phone).

The following items can be rendered for free at the recycling centre:

  • Recyclable materials such as: certain plastics, Paper, Cartons, demolition waste, Wood, electronic devices, Metal, Clothing and Shoes, Windows, rubber products etc.
  • Items that you do not need any more for example: Books, vinyl disks, CDs, video and music tapes, lamps, toys, school material, tableware, cutlery, sports equipment, bicycles, music instruments,…
  • Hazardous waste (SuperDrecksKëscht) like paint, varnish, acid, batteries, neon tubes, aerosol cans…

The recycling centre is a lot more than just a collecting point for resources:

  • You can get booklets and flyers regarding waste and resources.
  • Our team will be pleased to help you if you have questions and are open for suggestions.
  • You can get relevant material such as the green bags for the Valorlux collection, SuperDrecksKëscht – boxes for the collection of problematic waste and special containers for the collection of grease, syringes (for free).
  • During your visit you can also take a look at our Second-Hand-shop. The residents of our member communes can take the items they like for free.

A visit to the recycling centre is always a good idea, not only for the disposal of waste and resources.