​The SICA is located in the industrial zone in Kehlen between Kehlen and Olm.

Our postal address:

28, Zone Industrielle   
L-8287 Kehlen

The following items can be rendered for free at the recycling centre:

  • Recyclable materials such as: certain plastics, Paper, Cartons, demolition waste, Wood, electronic devices, Metal, Clothing and Shoes, Windows, rubber products etc.
  • Items that you do not need any more for example: Books, vinyl disks, CDs, video and music tapes, lamps, toys, school material, tableware, cutlery, sports equipment, bicycles, music instruments,…
  • Hazardous waste (SuperDrecksKëscht) like paint, varnish, acid, batteries, neon tubes, aerosol cans…

For a fee:

  • Bulky waste
  • Tyres: with rim / without rim

Companies and other businesses need to notify their visit in advance (by phone: 30 78 38 30).

They can only bring small quantities. The capacities of our containers need to be checked before the professional clients come in. We always try to ensure the best service possible and want to guarantee that every client can dispose of the waste he brings.

Thank you for your comprehension.


Most things are accepted for free.

You only need to pay a tax for the following:

Bulky waste: 0,15 Euro/kg
Tyres without rim: 1,25 Euro/ piece
Tyres with rim: 2,00 Euro/ piece

The recycling centre is a lot more than just a collecting point for resources:

  • You can get booklets and flyers regarding waste and resources.
  • Our team will be pleased to help you if you have questions and are open for suggestions.
  • You can get relevant material such as the bags for the Valorlux collection,
    SuperDrecksKëscht – boxes for the collection of problematic waste and special containers for the collection of grease, syringes (for free).
  • During your visit you can also take a look at our Second-Hand-shop. The residents of our member communes can take the items they like for free.

A visit to the recycling centre is always a good idea, not only for the disposal of waste and resources.

The SICA offers 10 different waste collections.

  • Residual waste (grey bin)
  • Organic waste (green bin)
  • Paper /Carton (blue bin)
  • Glass (yellow bin)
  • Bulky waste (on demand –fixed dates)
  • Metal (on demand – fixed dates)
  • Cooling devices such as refrigerators (on demand – fixed dates)
  • Electronic devices (on demand- fixed dates)
  • Hedges, Shrubs and Trees (on demand- fixed dates)
  • Clothing and Shoes (on demand – fixed dates)

Please contact your commune for information regarding the different taxes and have a look
at the page: Taxes.

  • The collections of Clothing and Shoes, Trees, Shrubs and Hedges, Bulky waste, Metal and electrical appliances is done only on demand and on fixed dates. You need to register 3 work days in advance by telephone 30 78 38-1, by e-mail to (info@sica.lu) or online.
  • Make sure to put your waste out on time (before 6 am)!
  • Take care to carefully close the lid of your bin!
  • Overflowing bins will not be emptied!
  • A weekly collection of your residual waste (grey bin) is possible for a supplementary fee! If you want to profit from this service we need a written confirmation by you (e-mail, letter or fax).
  • Please ask your commune for the respective taxes.

If you encounter a problem regarding the emptying of your bin, feel free to contact us by phone (30 78 38 -1) or by e-mail (info@sica.lu).

In this case you have two options. You can wait until the next planned collection or ask us by phone (30 78 38 -1) or by e-mail to collect your bin at the earliest possible occasion.

If you encounter a problem regarding your bin, feel free to contact us by phone (30 78 38 -1) or by e-mail (info@sica.lu).

Please contact your commune for the de-/registration of the waste bins.

You can find all the relevant information on the SICA- calendar that you received by mail, at the starting page of this website or via the SICA-APP.

​Residual waste: non-recyclable waste

Organic waste: organic kitchen waste, mown lawn, gardening waste

Glass: Glass (no flat glass)

Paper, Carton: Paper, cardboard boxes…